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Welcome to specializes in custom jewellery pieces tailored to the clients personal preference.

tHave jewellery made for any special occasion whether it be  Wedding/Bridesmaid jewellery, Graduation, Mother's Day or Birthdays

tWhy search for jewellery to match a Wedding/Bridesmaid dress when you can have pieces made that are a perfect match!

tCheck out one of our more popular items, the Name Bracelets, perfect for Mother's Day

tAlmost all pieces can be made with any of the following:  Gold Colored, Sterling Silver, Silver Colored and Gold Filled Wire/Chain

tEach ordered piece is custom-made to any size/color

tBreak up a set or create a new one with earrings or bracelets made to match necklaces.

tPlease feel free to mix and match styles or colors to create a whole new style suited for you!